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Electro-Matic and Kingsun form LED lighting joint venture

Publish time: 2015-09-23 16:43:34    View: 1836
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. -- Detroit area electronics technology firm Electro-Matic Products, Inc. recently completed a joint venture partnership agreement with Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., a global leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions. The agreement will primarily benefit the Electro-Matic Visual Products Group, which builds and markets finished LED lighting fixtures for a variety of outdoor and indoor commercial lighting and display applications.

The partnership formalizes an already close working relationship between the two companies in developing continuously improving LED lighting products in the rapidly growing commercial market for this energy efficient lighting technology.  A handful of multi-national electronics concerns are acknowledged as quality leaders in producing key components for commercial-grade LED lighting. Kingsun Optoelectronics is one.

Electro-Matic: Kingsun optics best in class

"When it comes to lighting highways for safety or parking areas for security, Electro-Matic isn"t interested in anything but best in class components," said David Scaglione, vice president sales and marketing for Electro-Matic Products. "That"s why our LED lighting fixtures use Cree LEDs, Philips drivers, and Kingsun optics."

Electro-Matic has been manufacturing and marketing LED based display products for more than 15 years and entered the fast growing LED lighting market four years ago. Over that time Electro-Matic has focused on improving the efficiency and reliability of LED fixtures while providing innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial, roadway and commercial applications. According to Scaglione, one way they have done that successfully is by applying a modular approach to the fixture design, which allows incremental control of the lighting intensity, direction and shape across each product line. That"s where Kingsun comes in.

"Kingsun has the best optoelectronics in the business," says Scaglione. The optoelectronics, or optics, concern how the LED light is directed and how the LED arrays are situated on the light bars that form the modules for a particular fixture. Unlike conventional incandescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, light from individual LEDs is directional and can be "lensed" or focused.  The type, number, arrangement and angle of the LED light bars are carefully calculated to produce a specific light intensity and pattern in the finished fixture. Kingsun develops and manufactures these lensed modules which, together with other key components, are assembled into completed fixtures by Electro-Matic at their plant in Farmington Hills, Michigan. There, each fixture is also tested, packed and shipped to customers throughout North America for installation.

Decades of LED lighting experience come together for the U.S. market

Kingsun is a major player in LED fixtures, and is responsible for translating a lot of the science of LED lighting technology into commercially viable products. Its plant in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, is the largest lighting R&D and production facility in all of Asia, with more than 3 million square feet and 2000 employees devoted to the task. The company boasts an installed base of 800,000 high-powered LED outdoor fixtures and 10,000 km in roadway lighting alone.

Electro-Matic has also been at the forefront of LED lighting technology.  As a joint venture partner with Kingsun, Electro-Matic seeks to build its LED lighting business by providing value through the innovation, reliability and technical superiority these two companies bring to the industrial LED lighting market. According to Electro-Matic LED lighting products manager, Alicia Martinez, that potential is huge.  "Just from an operational standpoint the cost-savings of LED conversions for existing roadways, parking lots and physical plants is still growing." 

Joint venture helps RE-shore American manufacturing jobs

Rich Laramee, president of Electro-Matic Products, called the joint venture with Kingsun a key accomplishment within a larger strategy. "American manufacturing is back," said Laramee. "It"s being fueled by automated assembly, advanced control systems and energy efficient technologies. And we"re in the middle of it. Working with global technology partners like Kingsun is a win-win strategy. Together we are growing the business and bringing good manufacturing jobs /back/ to America. At the same time, Electro-Matic LED fixtures with Kingsun optics and innovative LED technology provide exceptional value, better performance and increased energy savings to governments and industry right here at home."

For Kingsun, the joint venture with Electro-Matic Products is an important part of a strategic business initiative launched in 2012 called Locals Doing Business with Locals.  According to Samuel Soon, Kingsun Vice President, the company"s vision is to build up local manufacturing bases around the world to better serve local enterprises and governments. "We are very pleased to have Electro-Matic Products as our joint venture manufacturing and marketing partner in the USA," said Soon. "Their knowledge of the LED lighting market and superior manufacturing facilities makes this a model partnership."
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